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Worked With Brands Such As...

From the Studio of: Ocean,

London, UK

Whats good fam!

Do you ever watch Producers on YouTube and think…
“How did they come up with that melody so easily?
So quickly…
Yet, you opened up your DAW and feel so overwhelmed as to where to start…

Why Do My Beats Sound 

Stale and Weak?

Throughout my decade-long journey of making beats, working with some of the biggest artists in the UK including Young Adz, Chip, as well as some of the biggest brands in the world such as Spotify, Red Bull to name a few…

I know firsthand how many dedicated producers come to a point in their journey where they begin to feel stuck.

And sadly, because it’s can be a difficult skill to learn (when you don’t have the tools I’m about to show you), I see way too many producers giving up because they don’t think they “have the talent.”

You may be wondering:

  • ​How do I start a track?

  • How do I make catchy melodies?

  • How do I even come up with melody ideas and build chord progressions?

  • ​How do I choose the right sounds for the drums?

  • ​How do I make my drums hit hard?

  • ​How do I know when to stop adding sounds so I'm not overproducing?

If any of these questions ring a bell, don’t worry - Many producers feel this way.

How I Went From A NOOB 

to Making Fire Beats Like Clockwork!

You see for years I was trying to figure out how to make good catchy melodies and beats.

I was told you have to learn an instrument to be a great producer. So I went out, got myself a piano teacher and spent a whole year learning sheet music and covering songs.

I studied tedious music theory and honestly, most of it was overwhelming and didn’t really inspire me to create.

Then when I did open my daw, try to apply what I’ve learnt and ultimately be lost on where to start...

Ocean back in 2017

When I finally could come up with something, everything sounded so mundane...

 It sounded just like everyone else's. Worst thing was that it would take me forever to finish anything.

Then I would go on YouTube and watch tutorials, but they were never in depth enough. Producers would move too quickly, without actually breaking down their thought process, or even completely missing out what they said they were gonna talk about in the title!

I would spend all this time making mediocre stuff, with not much to show for it. A beat here and there nothing ever consistent it was so frustrating



When I started focusing on how to use my DAW to my advantage, everything changed! I was able to get the most out of it, master my workflow and ultimately use it as a creative weapon!

It allowed me to get over “beat block” and create really quickly - which meant I could make high quality beats on command!

Whenever I did play my friends, or even a rapper's my beats, they’d be blown away - eager to jump on the track to make a record with me.

All through my new easy-to-follow approach to making beats, I call the Top Tier System.



  • Create a Catchy melody and capture desired emotion in a beat’s melody, pull it out of your head and into your workflow

  • Add Drums that groove and make your listener move

  • Arrange your beat in a way that tells a story and keeps your beat interesting for the listener

  • Mix and Master to tie everything together, so your bass isn’t muddy, your drums sound crisp, and your beat bangs - whether in the car, the club, or just the laptop speakers of your future fans

Once you have these four components, beat making becomes easy and effortless. Since this part has become *second nature* to me, I wanna share how you can do it, too.

Make Music That You're 

Happy With and Excited to Share!

I want to get YOU to the point where you can instantly sit down at your DAW and have endless inspiration and ability to make melodies and beats from scratch.

That’s why I’m compiling EVERYTHING I know about music production into an easy-to-follow approach, the Top Tier System, that’ll teach you how to make fire beats.

Think of this like a light switch….

You turn on the light when you need to see, and off when you want darkness. You’ll finally be able to turn on your creative switch whenever you want, sit down and cook up any day of the week - all without:

  • WASTING hours messing around or doing guesswork on beats

  • ​EXPERIENCING “beat block” - stuck, unable to progress

  • MAKING beats that don’t sound good, don’t hit hard or have any vibe

And most importantly keep beat-making fun!

I’ve experienced it all, and made thousands of mistakes along the road.

That’s why I want to save you time, frustration, and effort…

… by giving you everything I know about making FIRE beats.

In fact, I’ve put it all into ONE essential place for you:


This Is The Single Most Thorough Course On Music Production For Producers To Create Insane Melodies, Drum Patterns, Basslines And Complete Beats On Command…

(Even Without Any Musical Knowledge Or Background.)

This is my step-by-step pathway designed to help you break through to a new level of freedom in your production…

And become an ultra-confident producer that can create insane beats, express yourself through your music effortlessly every time you open up your DAW.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or pro... this course lays the necessary groundwork for creating fresh melodies and beats with ease!:

  • If you're familiar with some chords and scales but find yourself stuck for ideas and creatively “blocked”, I’ll show you my process for keeping things fresh and break out of a rut.

  • ​If you have some experience, but can’t quite figure out how to add the wow-factor to your beats, this course will demonstrate how to add ear candy to spice things up.

  • Even if you've been creating beats for years, but they all sound the same - I’ll show you how to unlock your unique creative genius.

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"I was a novice producer when first stumbling on Ocean’s videos but his engaging and gem-filled content kept me motivated and inspired to improve as a producer."


London, UK

“Ocean has been an inspiration for my music. He is quite knowledgeable about a wide variety of music styles and highlights ideas in a relaxed, natural fashion. Would definitely recommend Top Tier Producer."


Ashland, USA

“Ocean is one of the best producers out there. He is the one that got me into music production. He keeps making them hits and we appreciate him giving us his time.”


Dubai, UAE

Here’s Your Roadmap To Better Beats:

Module 1: Master Your Workflow

We’ll start with mastering your DAW, which is the canvas for your creation. I'll show you the most essential shortcuts you need to be more efficient and speed up your workflow.

I'll also go over:

- INSTALLING PLUGINS - I’ll share exactly what to do when you’ve installed a new plugin. Plus, a quick tip on how to “hide” plugins you don’t use anymore, to remain laser-focused on only what you need.

- MUSIC EQUIPMENT - Here, we run through the essential music production equipment. You don’t need much, so I’ll share the must-haves (beyond your Mac & DAW). I’m sharing my exact audio interface, MIDI keyboard, even the studio monitors I use!

Module 2: Become Fluent In The Language Of Music

I’m going to give you the absolute fundamentals of music theory that will empower you to effortlessly translate ideas in your head to actual melodies with ease.

Module 3: Create Captivating Melodies

Then we’ll move on to creating melodies, everything from building chord progressions, top lines, adding layers and textures to give your melodies character as well as the best VSTs to use.

Even if you don’t have many, I’ll show you my secrets on getting the best out of free and stock plugins.

Module 4: Make Hard-Knock Drums

Then building on that, we’ll move on to how to add drums for the ultimate groove. We’ll go over how to pick the best sounds that fit in your beat like a hand in a glove.

Plus different ways to play your sound on the grid to get your beat to move in cool unique ways.

I’ll reveal how to capture that FEELING of your favourite tracks’ drum patterns, so you can replicate them!

Module 5: Build Hard-Hitting Basslines

Next, we'll add life to your beat with the bass. I’ll teach you the ins and outs of how to use 808 bases so you can get your beat thumping.

We’ll start with making killer 808 patterns, so you can build a strong foundation that vibes throughout the whole track.

I’ll then share the #1 trick I use to make your 808s BANG - so you can easily make hard-hitting beats.

Plus how to use glides - the ultimate technique to make drill basses, to perfect that sound you need for that bangin’ beat.

Module 6: How To Sample Like A God

How to take exciting sounds, chop and flip them up to make them your own. This is awesome because it gives your listener a hook to your music through something familiar they’ve heard before - but make it completely your own.

Module 7: Recording Like A Pro

Then I’ll show you recording techniques to take sounds form the real world, whether that’s from your own instruments, or from an idea from your phone and put them in your DAW the cleanest and clearest way possible.

Module 8: Putting It All Together

My exact process from A-Z how I make my beats from scratch, literally starting from zero:


- DRUMS, and

- 808s & BASSLINES,

… and polishing it to finality with mixing, mastering!

In this module, I’ll walk you through exactly how to make a TRAP beat and a DRILL beat step-by-step.

Follow along with my process, as I work my normal flow and tie everything I’ve taught you throughout this entire course together.

Here's What Others Say:

"It allowed me to get feedback from someone with industry experience which was very helpful and got some answers to questions I was unsure about and helped me improve. I liked how detailed it was, I love the fact it was step by step as sometimes on youtube some parts are skipped or assumed that knowledge is known."


London, UK

"The big problem I was facing was that I wasn't familiar with everything Logic has to offer and it was a bit overwhelming for someone that had taken a 10 year break from making music. The course gave me a breakdown of the producer flow, how to use Logic Pro X, and the fundamentals I needed to started making my own beats."

Jess Williams

Kentucky, USA

"Finding the right sounds for my beats has always been my my biggest issue. I could never seem to get my beats hitting the way I wanted to, the way I hear I music sound on Spoitfy. But after taking the course, it helped to zero in on the sonic qualities of trap and drill. It's also great to see the whole flow of Ocean’s process."


New Jersey, USA

"I used to overthink a lot when making beats which made the process slow. Now I have a faster beat making system and stronger music theory foundations. The feedback sessions were amazing, he communicates everything, it makes things clear and easier."

Dark Unicorn

Madrid, Spain

“Ocean helped put me on all my producer game from the start. After several months I feel 10x more confident in the studio."

Graco Gotit

California, USA

"I was struggling mostly with creating interesting drum/ bass grooves, and a consistent workflow. He has a straight to the point, hands on approach to how he explains his workflow, artists choices and methods. it was really simple to learn how to make better beats."


Berlin, Germany


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- You’ll also get my vocal chain I use to record Rappers and singers and have them in awe when they hear themselves back

- And a list of my favourite effects and plugins to use to bring your tracks to life.

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High Level Connections

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Aside from making great music, relationships are a huge part of succeeding in the industry..For your music to travel further than your room, you need to get out there, collaborate and build with your peers.

In fact, most of the best music I make is through collaboration, of this I average 3 studio sessions a week with other artists and producers.

I'm going to show you the RIGHT way to reach out to other musicians to work with even if you have 0 followers, no clout or live in a city where the industry is dead. All through the power of the internet!

Plus you’ll receive my Outreach templates and Connections Sheet where you can keep track of your relationships.

High Output Producer

($97 Value)

I get it, being a music producer is stressful at times. We not only have to make beats, but we have to put it out there and market ourselves to reach more people.

It's a lot to manage! So in this bonus, I’m going to breakdown how I manage my time and set my days up for success to have a high output of quality beats and stay on top of everything I need to.

And how to stay consistent and disciplined so you make a lot of beats efficiently.

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My Personal 100% Guarantee To You

I want you to get the most out of this course that you possibly can.

That’s exactly why I’m offering you a zero-risk opportunity to ‘buy and try’

If you don’t learn how to make better beats or hear a significant improvement in your music within 30 days,

I’ll happily refund your money. No questions asked.

This gives you a full month to try out the program, go through the all modules levels, apply what you learn and put in the work.




I've been able to work with some of the biggest artists and brands in the world, it has been truly a dream come true! All thanks to being able to musically express myself and turn ideas in my head into reality.

Don’t waste years trying to figure production out all on your own, jumping from YouTube tutorial to Youtube tutorial… like I did.

Here’s your shortcut to making hard-hitting beats like clockwork. And having fun doing so!

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We Are Here To Help


What if I'm an absolute beginner, can I still take this course?

Of course! My course is designed from the ground up to take you from a beginner in your DAW to a pro. No prior experience necessary, as we start from the fundamentals in every topic we cover. 

What if I'm already a seasoned producer? Is this course still for me?

Absolutely! My course is designed to accelerate your growth no matter your skill level. Having prior experience will make the program even more effective because you'll already have a ground base of knowledge to build off of. 

How do I get access and for how long?

Top Tier Producer is completely online-based. As soon as you make your payment, you’ll be instantly enrolled in the course platform and you can start the course straight away.

You will have lifetime access to Top Tier Producer.

How much time will this course take?

This course includes 7+ hours of video lessons, and it allows you to pace your learning according to your convenience. Even with a busy schedule, you can space out your learning across many weeks or even months because you have unlimited access to the course for life.

Are there any additional costs or hidden fees with this course?

No, unlike other courses this program comes complete and won't any additional payments to unlock additional material.

What is your refund policy?

We have a 30 money back guarantee if you're unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason.