"Drill Essentials 2" is your new cheat-code for creating standout drill beats inspired by top artists like Central Cee, Pop Smoke, and Fivio Foreign.

  • 340+ premium sounds and samples.

  • Pre-mixed, easy-to-use sounds.

  • Drums, Hi-Hat & Counters MIDI, Samples, & Drum Fills.

Drill Essentials 2 Drums

Value: $39.99

Ignite your imagination with an extensive collection of over 200 dynamic 808s, impactful kicks, sharp snares, clear hi-hats, and beyond.

  • Over 150 Drum Sounds.

  • Pre-Mixed Sound Quality.

  • Punch through the mix.

Enigma Melody Kit

Value: $29.99

Unlock the door to unlimited inspiration with a meticulous array of top-tier melody drill samples.

  • Speed up your workflow by dragging and dropping samples into any DAW.

  • Unleash limitless possibilities by sampling or remixing to forge your own unique sonic identity.

  • Experience immediate creativity with 52 unique samples.

Odyssey Drum Fills

Value: $29.99

An essential collection of high-quality drum fills to bring a new bounce to your beats like never before.

  • 50 Drum Fills.

  • Easily time-stretch to fit any BPM.

  • Add unique character and ear candy to your beats.

Mercurial MIDI Kit

Value: $29.99

Limitless possibilities with an extensive collection of expertly crafted 20 MIDI patterns for Hi-Hats and Counters.

  • Accelerate your workflow by accessing a wide array of inspiring starting points for your drums.

  • Unlock endless creative potential by mixing, matching, and modifying MIDI files to create your own distinctive sound.

  • Enjoy instant inspiration with 20 MIDI patterns.

Get The Drill Essentials 2 Bundle & Save BIG! 

  • $39.99 - Drill Essentials 2 Drums

  • $29.99 - Mercurial MIDI Kit

  • $29.99 - Odyssey Drum Fills

  • $29.99 - Enigma Melody Kit

Total Value: $149

Special Offer: $47

Frequently asked questions

Is this kit Royalty Free?

Yes, all sounds and samples in this kit are 100% royalty free.

How do I get all the kits/files?

After purchasing, you’re taken to a page where you can download the files and all the kits mentioned above, as well as you will receive an email with a link to download all the files. 

Do you accept refunds?

Since this is a digital product, we do not accept refunds.

Does it work in any DAW?

Yes, the files within the kit are either audio files or MIDI files that can be opened in any DAW.